Vendor Screening

Introduction to Vendor Screening, Vendor Compliance Management & Vendor Monitoring

As a company, what are the main benefits of using Pro Compliance to provide vendor screening of those who provide services to the company?

If you do not have a vendor screening policy or procedure in place by having a Managed Vendor List, you may be placing your company in jeopardy. Many management companies have at least one employee or more to manage the influx of incoming calls from vendors who want to work for them. As the company grows, so does the list of interested companies who want to work with the company. Your employees that are on your payroll are using valuable time to accept the calls, set up the vendors and send them out to jobs. They don’t have a lot of time to conduct vendor compliance management.

Pro Compliance is comprised of dedicated professionals with executive backgrounds, who are very familiar with the vendor screening process for potential candidates. Our goal is to familiarize you with having an APPROVED VENDOR LIST, placing you in charge of who you do business with, versus the mentality that luck brought the vendor to you in a time of need. We screen and monitor your vendor and provide an on-going process to ensure they meet your guidelines of vendor risk management that protect you and your owners from liability. Vendor screening is our specialty. In addition, we are happy to accept calls from your new potential vendors and advise them of your policies and procedures.

What kind of vendor screening service should we expect by having Pro Compliance manage our vendor list?

From the time you place your first call to Pro Compliance, you will be met with a friendly, live personal voice; we don’t use annoying voice generated phone systems. Our main goal is to answer your vendor screening questions and concerns when they occur. In some cases, you may receive a personalized voice greeting, but in all cases, we remain committed to personal service and returning the call promptly.

As busy professionals ourselves, we realize you, too, are busy. When you call our office and decide to implement our vendor screening service, we take the ball from there and we do the work! In some cases, we will guide you through part of the process that needs your stamp of approval, but other than that, we begin establishing the vendor screening program the moment you give us the green light. Our modern technology is coupled with old fashioned customer service. In addition, we have various forms of protection that further insulate you and your owner. You can expect that we will always treat your vendors with courtesy and professionalism.

As part of our vendor screening service, we provide online access to a Vendor Monitoring Account to all our clients. Each client or your vendor compliance manager will have access to his or her vendor’s records to monitor the status of your vendors 24/7.

Do you guarantee the work performed by the vendor through your Vendor Screening Process?

We can’t possibly know the work or the quality of the service your vendors provide, but we do provide you with added protection, which may keep you from being held liable for faulty work of a vendor, once vendor credentialing is complete.

In some cases the owner will want to place blame on you, stating that you did something wrong or the vendor you hired did not complete the job satisfactorily. This concept opens many avenues of liabilities for the property management company. From an owner’s perspective, the penetration of fault, vendor screening & vendor risk management lies with the property management firm who hired a vendor. Our goal is to minimize that penetration and place the responsibility onto the vendor. In most cases, Vendors are proud to guarantee their work.

We have been doing business with our vendor for a long time. What can Pro Compliance do for us through your Vendor Screening Service?

During the past decade, we all have been forced to remove the “hand-shake” theory. This concept may be reserved for long-standing relationships that have been in place, but nothing guarantees your protection of liability for neither your company nor your owner, other than thorough, proper and accurate vendor screening management & vendor compliance management. Pro Compliance understands your relationship with your vendors. It is your responsibility to the owner of the property you manage to ensure the compliance materials for each of your vendors are up to date and the vendor is in compliance. Once you delegate this responsibility to Pro Compliance, we make sure all your vendors go through our vendor screening process.

Our comprehensive vendor screening service serves the property management industry and other industries. We believe a long-term relationship between a company and its vendors provides success and security for all involved. When you use Pro Compliance to screen your vendors, we provide you with various Internet marketing tools to promote your business. You will have an edge in the market by advertising that you use our service. This may be a valuable “deal-closer” for your next new potential client. We also work with the vendor by providing them with various marketing tools as an additional benefit of our service. We provide them with documentation that they can use for other potential clients. The document verifies our company has screened them. It is an additional benefit to the vendor, because they no longer have to compete with others who do not have the same qualifications.

Will our vendors resist this new procedure?

There are just a few reasons why a vendor will resist the process. The most common reasons are:

  • They are not in compliance. They do not carry the proper amount of insurance you require, they may not have the proper license or they may have something in their background that you do not know about.
  • They do not do enough work for your company to offset the small, minimal fee we charge and or
  • They do not understand the process. (Some actually think they are paying to provide their service to your company, without understanding they are paying for our background screening & monitoring service).

By now, most vendors understand this process is beneficial to them and most of them use the valuable benefits we offer as an edge in their industry.

Our vendor screening services is a "must have" for companies, of all industries. that rely on services provided by outside vendors.

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