Pro Compliance

A National Vendor Screening & Vendor Compliance Service Provider for the Property Management Industry
& Other Companies

Instant Bank Verifications, Physical Location Verifications, Nationwide Access to Drug Testing
, and Global Access to Business Credit Reports!

1) Instant Bank Verifications: We have access to determine if a business (you do business with) has a valid or invalid bank account.

2) Physical Inspections to verify the physical locations of companies you do business with... complete with a full report and photos of the office where they conduct their business from.

3) Nationwide Access to DRUG TESTING for pre-employment screening-thousands of donor locations throughout the United States.

4) GLOBAL ACCESS to Business Credit Reports... nationwide and worldwide!

On-Going Monthly Criminal Monitoring:

A monthly national database review is conducted to determine if a criminal infraction has occurred with your Employee/Service Provider.

How Pro Compliance's Monthly Automated Criminal Monitoring Deterred a Possible Problem!... A Client Testimonial

"In November 2011, we processed the criminal background of all our associates through Pro Compliance. The report on one in particular came back with a minor traffic violation. Pro Compliance placed the associate on their monthly on-going criminal monitoring automated list. In August 2012, we received a report the individual had been arrested for numerous felony crimes in July of 2012. With this information, we are unable to conduct business with this associate. We used to conduct only annual criminal backgrounds reports. We are convinced now that everyone must be checked monthly. Had we still been processing everyone on the once per year “annual basis”, we would not have known about this criminal history until November of 2012.

Thank you, Pro Compliance... for your expertise in guiding me to choose the Monthly On-Going Criminal Report!"... K. Ross-San Diego, CA

"More than just a background check!"


Specialty and Expert Experience

Specialties include Background Screening, Teaching, Training and Expert Testimony

With 33 years of training with combined experience in the Public Service field of Police Law Enforcement, the founder of Pro Compliance Source, a former Deputy Sheriff, has a remarkable history of leadership in teaching credentials at a large Police Academy and screening potential new cadets through the Police Review Board Screening Process. PCS delivers extensive experience in background screening, extending this knowledge with current trends and updated technology to the fresh field of enforcement in Corporate Compliance Regulations.

Our services include:

  • Hands-On Company Leadership Involvement with no cost Corporate Compliance Evaluations
  • Up to date resources in business screening, verifications and monitoring
  • Knowledge of current technology versus outdated practices
  • Employment Screening
  • Un-Biased Evaluation of responsibilities, potential problematic issues and necessary actions
  • Positive Resolutions and Policies
  • Training
  • Expert testimony

How does Pro Compliance vendor compliance service work?

Our company does not offer a list of qualified vendors. We work with your vendors. All of your existing vendors and new vendors will pay the screening fee, depending on the intensity of the reports and service you wish for Pro Compliance to provide. The complete the screening process may be instant for some vendors or may take up to three days for more intensive reports.

  • We will let the vendor know up front what your approved requirements are.
  • They sign an agreement that outlines your code of conduct and ethical practices.
  • They submit their paperwork to our office.
  • The documents are entered into our secure online database.
  • Your company and your vendors will have 24/7 remote access to the database to track the status of each vendor account.
  • Our company monitors each vendor consistently throughout the year to their anniversary date.
  • On their anniversary date, the process begins again.

Verify Business Status and Identity

In today’s business economy and environment, it is extremely important for companies to know exactly with whom they are conducting business. Our company focuses on ensuring that you know who you do business with by verifying the identity of the vendor and the vendor’s business is in good standing as well as legitimate.

Verify Personal Identity of the Company Principal

Every vendor has a principal of the Company. This is the person who owns, manages and or operates the business. The principal in most cases needs to have a routine background screening as well as their identification verified. Pro Compliance will screen each principal to provide you with information as to their background.

Annual W-9 Management for each Vendor

To keep your records accurate we obtain a W-9 on each of your vendors annually. This information is valuable, especially during tax season and 1099 disbursements. However, it is one of the most valuable pieces of information for your company to have to demonstrate to the IRS that you are doing business with a vendor versus an employee.

Liability Insurance Tracking and Monitoring

When the liability insurance of the vendor lapses and something goes wrong, your company will be held responsible to cure the problem. Even if your insurance covers it, chances are the money will come out of your bottom line. The best way to avoid this problem in the first place is to ensure that the liability insurance of the vendor is current and up to date at all times. Our state of the art database notifies us when your vendor’s insurance is heading towards expiration. The vendor will be notified and if they fail to renew it, they will not be verified to work with your company. You will be notified immediately of cancellations, expirations, and changes in coverage or fraudulent documentation.

Worker's Comp Verification

No matter what State your vendor works in, if they have employees, they are required by law to have worker's compensation insurance. Our company will verify that your vendor carries the worker's comp insurance and it is kept current. Again, our on-going monitoring procedures will track the status of the insurance.

Criminal Background and Sex Offender Reports and OFAC access

There is no doubt about it; you must protect your company from the risk of doing business with certain criminal predators. We have access to over 300 million national records that include misdemeanors, felonies and sex offenders. In some case, we can identify a sex offender through the database through photo images. A search of The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) is included in the search, which includes records from the FBI’s list of Most Wanted and fugitive databases. In the United States, companies are prohibited by law from conducting business with the individuals on this list.

Corporate Bankruptcies, Tax Liens and Judgments Search or Business Credit Reports

Pro Compliance has access to bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments. This data provides you a financial snapshot of the background of your vendor. A summary for the past seven (7) years of the vendor’s financial records will provide you with a detailed report on the business transactions the vendor has been involved in.

Business to Business Verification

To reduce potential business risk, before you become associated with another company, allow Pro Compliance to screen the company you hope to start your new endeavor. If the company you want to work with refuses to provide you with legitimate or upfront basic documentation of their background, it is probably best for you to move on. There are a few basic questions to determine if the business is legitimate and the answers are provided to you so that you can make the best decision for your company.

Better Business Bureau Search

The BBB relies on companies and individuals to report information to them. They provide the company a grade, based on various components. While some businesses may receive complaints, it is the manner in which they resolve and respond to the complaints. This information provides you with a general idea of how the company operates and responds to complaints.