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Comprehensive Vendor Screening & Vendor Compliance

For all Industries... Including Property Management!

About Pro Compliance:

Pro Compliance specializes in vendor screening for the nationwide Property Management industry and other companies to ensure vendor compliance, solid vendor risk management and vendor compliance monitoring.

The purpose of our service is to assist our clients in managing their vendor list and to reduce liability to our clients. Our company works directly with clients to establish and enforce their company policies and guidelines with their vendors through our vendor screening products. We also work with the vendors to maintain their on-going vendor compliance with the client.

Our service provides a dual benefit to the client and the vendor. We provide on-line access with current and up to date, "real-time" data for the client to track the status of their vendors. The vendor can access their compliance account to make sure they remain in vendor compliance and remain on the approved list of vendors for their client.

Our founders have a variety of expertise relating to the property management industry. Starting in 1993, we have worked in the industry by providing tenant background screening and collection services to the industry. This background has given us the qualified and necessary experience to handle the vendor screening and data management of your vendors. We are trained professionals with knowledge and expertise of the numerous Federal Regulations supporting Compliance and Due Diligence, such as the Office of Foreign Asset Control Compliance (OFAC), the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List and the FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act).

In addition to the above background, we also have 10 years of law enforcement background experience and private investigation experience.

We take pride in the fact that we are able to extend the current modern technology coupled with our commitment to traditional customer service to provide vendor screening to our clients to ensure their vendor compliance policies are enforced.

Specialty and Expert Experience

Specialties include Background Screening, Teaching, Training and Expert Testimony

With 33 years of training with combined experience in the Public Service field of Police Law Enforcement, the founder of Pro Compliance Source, a former Deputy Sheriff, has a remarkable history of leadership in teaching credentials at a large Police Academy and screening potential new cadets through the Police Review Board Screening Process. PCS delivers extensive experience in background screening, extending this knowledge with current trends and updated technology to the fresh field of enforcement in Corporate Compliance Regulations.

Our services include:

  • Hands-On Company Leadership Involvement with no cost Corporate Compliance Evaluations
  • Up to date resources in business screening, verifications and monitoring
  • Knowledge of current technology versus outdated practices
  • Employment Screening
  • Un-Biased Evaluation of responsibilities, potential problematic issues and necessary actions
  • Positive Resolutions and Policies
  • Training
  • Expert testimony
  • Assembly Optimization Production for quality control

Verify Personal Identity of the Company Principal

Every vendor has a principal of the company. This is the person who owns, manages and or operates the business. The principal in most cases needs to have a national database background screening as well as their identification verified. Pro Compliance may screen each principal to provide you with information as to their criminal background.

When a national database search is conducted on a vendor, we add the monthly review for 12 months, at no extra cost-just because we want to be thorough. Many competitors may conduct a ONE TIME search (without the monthly review) to save money. Monthly reviews have become the most up to date technology available and short cuts for ONE TIME Criminal CHECKS are now considered by Pro Compliance Source as an outdated practice.


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