Corporate Vendor Compliance and Monitoring Services

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  • Our vendor compliance service will help you reduce your corporate liability
  • Our vendor verification service is designed to save you time, effort and money
  • Our mission is to ensure that your vendors are in compliance with your company policies

In today's business marketplace, we are considered to be at an all time higher risk than just a decade ago. Every new company that is established must go through a rigorous credentialing process by banks, institutions, and creditors. Companies are now using our service for VENDOR COMPLIANCE in order to reduce internal workload and corporate liability.

You cannot afford to take the risk of doing business with a vendor that is not licensed, insured or properly screened and verified. Most of our clients admit vendor compliance is one of the most over-looked duties in their office, although it is one of the most important tasks that must be done.

You and your vendors will receive assurance of having the management of your compliance materials and vendor screening managed by Pro Compliance.

In most cases, the vendor pays for the costs associated with our services.

When it comes to insuring the Client is secure, the Consumer is safe, and the Vendor is in compliance, our service is more than just a background check.

We are raising the standard for industry professionals to maintain thorough, proper vendor compliance in their industry.

Vendor screening and fraud prevention
Maintain on-going compliance
Minimize risk and liability

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