Vendor Compliance Service

for Property Management Vendors and Corporate Business Accounts


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Become a compliant vendor with Pro Compliance!

Why should I become a verified vendor?

  • Separate yourself from others
  • Attract new clients
  • Gain the reputation as a compliant and verified vendor
  • Once you become a verified vendor you will be issued a "verified vendor" web badge to display on your website.
  • Your verified vendor identification badge tells companies you are a compliant vendor with verified credentials

Do you want to deliver a unique impression for your potential new client?

We welcome you to this page, especially designed for Vendors. In most cases, we offer our vendor monitoring services for larger Corporations. Recently, we discovered a need for smaller companies to have access to our services as well. The main benefit to your company is to create distance between yourself and the competitor that does not have all the qualifications you have as a verified vendor in compliance.

In addition, the impression you leave with your new potential client will be long remembered after your presentation.

Do you have a trade or business license?

  • Are you required to have worker's compensation or to be bonded?
  • Are you required to have liability insurance?
  • Have you had your criminal history checked and verified recently?

Depending on your industry, it will probably cost you less than an hour's worth of work per year for your company to be fully credentialed by Pro Compliance. We maintain all of your records and send you prompt monthly or annual notification for renewals AND provide you with an Original Certificate issued by our company to "prove" your documents are current, up to date, and stored in our secure facility. In addition, we certify that we have personally screened your compliance materials. If your new client wants copies of your records, with your permission, we provide them on your behalf as well.

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