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Vendor Screening & Vendor Compliance

For Property Management, All Industries, and Any Business Verifications

What is Vendor Compliance?

Vendor compliance is a procedure that ensures your current and future vendors comply with policies related to your company. Vendor compliance should be a part of your company vendor management policy. All businesses should be required to provide documentation to demonstrate they are a legal and legitimate business.

Pro Compliance will perform your vendors screening and verify that their business information is valid, up to date and your vendor compliance policy and procedures are followed. Once we approve the vendor as a bona fide business, all the documentation is approved, and the vendor is in compliance with your policies, they are placed on your list of approved vendors.

In today's society, Pro Compliance Source is CURRENTLY adjusting the word "VENDOR" and replacing it to 'SERVICE PROVIDER.". This is the most current and up to date professional definition for companies who provide services to your company.

Why Request Vendor Compliance?

Most companies are no longer going with the lowest bid, they are aware of the liability that is associated with a vendor that is not properly credentialed. Having all your vendors verified through our extensive vendor compliance service is a part of providing quality service. Most companies are aware that their liability increases when a vendor is not in compliance with current company policies. It is the job and responsibility of Pro Compliance, to ensure that your vendors are and remain in compliance with the policies of your company.

What Are the Benefits of Having Vendors In Compliance?

The primary benefit to the corporate office, business and property management company who uses our vendor screening and vendor compliance service is a reduction of liability.

Pro Compliance will:
  • Screen your vendors
  • Verify your vendors are legitimate
  • Monitor your vendors on-going compliance
  • Manage your vendors
  • Provide business credit reports
  • Provide pre-employment reviews and monthly reviews
  • Obtain international information

A vendor monitoring account is provided to each client with 24/7 access to track the compliance status of your vendors. As a business owner or property manager you now have an additional marketing strategy to show prospective clients that you use our vendor screening & compliance company.

What are Some Benefits to Your Vendors?

The vendor who is in compliance through our vendor screening & verification service becomes a verified vendor in compliance. They are no longer in competition with companies who are not in compliance.

Vendors use our company to demonstrate to potential clients their status as a Verified Vendor which distinguishes them from other vendors. This benefit alone may convert to increased growth for the vendor's company.

How Does the Consumer Benefit?

The consumer knows that anyone they use as a vendor or who enters their home or represents their business is fully screened and verified. All consumers should require the business they work with to have a vendor screening and vendor compliance program in place.

For more information on Pro Compliance and our vendor compliance company, please contact us at 1-800-259-8959.

Pro Compliance offers traditional customer service coupled with modern technology by providing quality service with honesty and integrity.

Pro Compliance has set the standard in vendor screening by offering a vendor monitoring account to all of its clients.

  • Quality and Professional Customer Service.
  • Up-to date, Vendor Monitoring Account available 24/7.

Attention Rental Property Owners:

Require your property management company to have a vendor screening service in place.

Attention Property Management Companies:

Start marketing to your property owners that you already have a vendor compliance & vendor screening service.

Attention Vendors:

Become a Verified Vendor by using our service AND let your property management client know you are in compliance.

Attention Franchise and Affiliates:

Make it mandatory for your affiliates to use our service as part of their franchising requirements.

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