Vendors: Become a Verified Vendor and attract new clients.
Property Management Companies and Businesses: Verify your Vendors and protect your company.
Consumers: Require your vendors be screened & verified before you do business with them.

1) Login to your Pro Compliance Account.

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2) Login to Pro Compliance
Background Screening Account.

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If you don't have an account yet and would like to
become a Registered Compliant Vendor with Pro Compliance...

Please contact us at: 1-800-259-8959.

Why should I become a verified vendor?

  • Separate yourself from others
  • Attract new clients
  • Gain reputation as a compliant and verified vendor
  • Once you become an verified vendor you will be issued a "verified vendor" web badge to display on your website
  • Your verified vendor identification badge tells companies you are a compliant vendor with verified credentials
  • Gives you a new Marketing Tool as an accredited compliant vendor.
  • You'll receive your own vendor monitoring account - for free - available online 24/7

For more information, go to Pro Compliance website